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Alaskan Sorcerer

Kaarina Sajantila fled her small Alaskan village and her shamanic studies when she turned eighteen. She has come home to find her missing brother and solve the mystery of who is terrorizing the town and forcing people to flee for their lives. She is looking for answers not love. Warren Kyinauk is taking a break from his detective duties, scuba diving and discovering the secrets hidden in the watery depths surrounding the island. Despite his mistrust of shaman’s, he is drawn to Kaarina and her deep loyalty to her town and family. Together they battle evil on land and sea, but it is Kaarina who must risk her life on the astral plane. Fearful of losing control she must learn to trust and let go in order to save herself and her village. With time running out will she be able to vanquish the evil and find love?

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Kaarina felt the vibrations from the rhythmic sounds of the Saami drum. Much like tuning into a radio station, the constant steady rhythm had transformed her mind into her deepest state of consciousness where imagery and creativity were activated.
Are you falcon kiddin' me?

Amy’s depthless eyes narrowed reflectively. “Falcons have a great natural food supply in the summer,and wolves steer clear of the village. No one’s ever had a run-in with them in the past. So, if those two animals are killing cats, Lakitcina has them under his control.”
Are you falcon kiddin' me?

She’d loathed squid as long as she could remember, and yet she knew it played a necessary role in the scheme of things, unpleasant as that role might be to human beings. Scientists had even found the remains of another squid in a giant squid’s gut, revealing their cannibal nature.

But the poor monster didn’t ask to be swept to the surface. The tsunami had thrown everything out of whack. The creature only wanted to spend its days, or rather nights in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean, happily, and mindlessly, subsisting on a mere two thousand pounds of fish per week.
Are you falcon kiddin' me?

Are you falcon kiddin' me?

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Author Lynne Tierney with sister

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I would highly recommend this book to any lover of the paranormal genre. Sexy, playful, even a little dangerous and who doesn't like the action and danger in a good book? Great characters, very intricate plot - now doesn't that sound wonderful?

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